Design + Management Team

Architecture + Project Management

Property development + upgrading

Buying property or subdividing?

Building or renovating?

Do you know your site’s potential, how to add value to your property, the subdivision possibilities, about second and third dwellings, Council regulations, your zoning, rights and restrictions…

We can advise

Do you know a builder, how to submit plans, the costs, energy-efficiency, finishes…

We can organise

We offer…

                                    Full Architectural services

                                    Full Project Management services

                                           Advice on all property related matters

                                                       Project planning, costs + time management

                                                    Quality control + contract administration

We support…

                                                                        Sustainable building


                                                                        Rational design

Design + Management Team is a dynamic duo offering a unique set of skills. We offer turnkey solutions – from an upscale new build to a compact second dwelling, we  organise your entire build.

With other experienced associate team players we can advise and consult on property matters either remotely (on line) or live (on site).

We work in greater Cape Town and also in country areas.

Architect: June Henry

June has a wealth of experience in the residential field of architecture to turn your hopes and aspirations into your dream home. She undertakes contract administration, working closely with you, the builder and the project manager. She offers a full or partial service, depending on your architectural requirements

June:  Designs  Remodels  Creates


Project Manager: Leslay Rahme

Leslay is an expert at project management of residential structures and interior finishes. As the client’s representative on site, she engages all professionals to bring construction projects to life.

Leslay:  Connects  Engages  Resolves

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